Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have to do better!

Hey Guys,

Ok this is my second attempt at typing this blog lol. I tried adding pix and a vid and then the whole thing got a little screwy. I titled this blog "I have to do better!" because I should at least post up a blog once a week lol. So let me fill you in on the weeks that you missed lol. About 2 weeks ago we had a Bubble Babez Launch Bbq for our family and friends. Everyone showed up with the exception of a few folks which I could understand because it was on a Sunday. My fam & friends all drove over 2hrs to share the moment with us and I couldnt be more thankful to have them as a support system. I love yall!

Ok lets see what else we missed lol. Lets get to the new products that I am extremely happy to share with you all. I have been in the lab working on a great recipe for bath cupcakes and I am proud to say that I have finally hit success! The cupcakes smells delicious and look good enough to eat but they are not edible lol. You just drop one of the delightful confectionary treats in the bath tub and experience a delicious fragrant bath with out the calories. So you dont have to worry about the saying "a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!"

I have also worked on French Macarons not to be confused with Macaroons lol. I thought this french dessert was so cute that it had to be a bath product and so I thought for a while and came up with a French Macaron Bath Bomb.

I have given up trying to add the photos here lol its not allowing me to put them where I want them lol. You can check them out on the website
Sorry guys! I would have love to put them here but its just not working lol.

Love Ya,

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Products & Updates

Hey guys!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday I realized hey I am not keeping up with my blog lol. So me and my nephew Gianni are here to give you the update on Bubble Babez Bath Co LLC., Can you believe he is already 3months! He is getting so big! I love watching him grow. Well I definitely want to thank you all for your love and support. We have had so many orders this weekend and I am so honored that we have repeat customers. Also, that you all believe in us and the products we make.

We have added new products to the line for children. So your children can enjoy the Bubble Babez experience as well! First, we have the Silly Bandz coconut milk soap; Its a longer lasting bar because kids will try to wash until they get the Silly Bandz out. Silly Bandz are all the rage this year my sons were trading them and their wrists were full of them. I didn't understand what was so fascinating about these rubber shaped bracelets. But after a while I even became addicted, not wearing them but just checking out all the kinds that they had!

The Silly Bandz soap comes in 4 fun kid scents: Blue Slushie, Caramel Apple, Dreamsicle and Root Beer Float.

Girls Best Friend:
We have also added girl bath sets for your little princess. They are the perfect gift sets or a just a pamper me set for a little lady. I added all the elements that I thought would be whimsical and cute. The first bath set we created is the Girls Best Friend. Every little girl loves bling and the more it sparkles the better. This set includes a gleaming fruit scented gemstone soap, a rich creamy body frosting and a twinkling fizzy bath bomb! Each gemstone has a different fruity scent the scents are:
-Amethyst (Purple):Grape Soda
-Diamond (Silver):Fresh Pear
-Ruby (Red): Cherry Lime Aid
-Sapphire (Blue): Pineapple
-Turquoise: Apricot
All of the scents smells so delicious! My favorite are Grape Soda and Apricot! All of them smell insanely good but I am smitten with those two lol.
Frooty Pebbles: Saturday Morning Cartoons:
OMG! I was especially excited about this set it smells soooo scrumptious! My favorite cereal to eat when I was a little girl was Fruity Pebbles. I would eat huge bowls full while watching my Saturday Morning Cartoons. It was very nostalgic for me and I wanted to share that experience with you all. The soap was designed to look like Fruity Pebbles floating in milk. It has a rich moisturizing lather that is great for children with dry skin! It also has a decadent milk bath loaded with soothing buttermilk, goats milk, and honey powder in a charming milk container. It has little sugar confetti dots in the milk bath for added fun! The thick rich body creme smells just as delightful and is the perfect finish to this ultra moisturizing set. Its is a unisex bath set and is great for children with dry skin and eczema.

The Icing On the Cake
The Icing on the cake is just the cutest little set ever! We will be adding different cake scents to this collection. I am in love with all aspects of a cupcake, I get excited at the cupcake possibilities lol. Not only do I love making soap but I love baking and one of my favorite things to bake are cupcakes! So it was only right that we create a cupcake soap that smells and looks good enough to eat, but is only best to bathe in lol. The scent that we have available is Honey Chile (its not chili lol, its chile like child the way southerners say it LOL!) It smells like a maraschino cherry. It also includes the Fizzy Lifting Bath Powder that you sprinkle into your tub for an effervescent colorful bath time. You top it all off with our wonderfully rich body frosting that will keep your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom! :)

Cant forget our newest addition to the Men's Line, its called Desire. I smelled this scent on my friend and I said "Oh wow, that smells so good! What are you wearing?" Its turns out that it was Beckham Signature cologne and I said to Tristan "babe, doesn't that smell amazing?" and she agreed. So I went on a search to find this fragrance oil and we were successful. I hope that you enjoy this salt bar, its a different shape from all the rest of our soaps. The scent definitely follows you, Tristan loves this bar and after every shower I'm like floating after her to the scent LOL. Its very sexy scent.

We have decided to sell samples of our soaps after many requests from you all. You are now able to try before you buy and might I add for a very reasonable price. Our Try Me Sample Sets you select 5 soaps of your choice and each soap is good for at least 3-4 showers!! Most of the soaps that we have are available for this deal except for the soaps that are in sets.

We are close to our 300 mark on our Twitter contest we will be ending the contest today and one lucky winner will receive a gift basket loaded with goodies.
Have a wonderful day and happy tweetin'!

Please check in often to our blog we will be having an amazing Blog Sale that will only be available if you read our blog!

Thank you all for your love and support,