Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Sale Soon!

Hey Guys,
I hope all is well. While in the shower today (thats where I clear my head and have the best ideas) I thought it would be fun to have a blog sale. One of my friends Dana Lajeunesse had one a while back and on Twitter I see people doing it all the time. I wanted to do an exclusive preview of all of our new products that are not yet on the site. They will not make their way to the website until about 2 weeks from now.

We will also be changing our server to one that can handle more volume. When too many people are shopping on the site the shopping cart disappears or people get error messages. That will take place sometime next week, so we will be closing up shop for a couple of days next week until we get all the information transferred over. We will be doing an online launch to our new home.

Also, I will be looking for more green alternatives to our packaging. I was watching this movie called Tapped, you should really check it out. It had me thinking that we have all a role in preserving the planet and part of that is eliminating plastic waste that is showing up in our fish and also the chemicals that are lacing the containers. So even when we are thinking we are making good healthy decisions they is always something else. We are now recycling in our home, and being more cautious with our purchases. We never thought twice about where it was going and we will now make more conscious decisions. We are also thinking that maybe we can do a buy back program at Bubble Babez of plastic containers. I am definately going to get more proactive on matters like this. We are all responsible for making this Earth safe for our children and our children's children.

Be blessed,