Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Tired! but Good Tired!

Our set up @ the market!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to blog a little to fill you in on whats going on right now lol. I have been working tiredlessly to get the holiday collection out and I am almost there. There are not enough hours in the day lol. The holiday collection will have something for everyone and I made sure that we had plenty of stocking stuffers as well! :)
I made my first soap cakes 2 were successful and 1 was a complete fail lol.

I also tried my hand at whipped shea butter. I think I am not going to release it for a while to make sure I iron out all the kinks. Its all natural, no preservatives! It made my skin feel amazing its an alternative to the lotion bars that I LOVE lol. The whipped shea butter melts in your hands when you rub them together LITERALLY! It makes application so much easier and smoother. When your skin absorbs it, u feel silky smooth! I am still feeling all over my arms and they feel amazing!

We have also been at the market selling our products! This was our first full weekend, Tristan's been working at the market and I have been home developing products for the Holiday line and replenishing the products sold :) We have another market to do for staff at a company on Monday. Im excited about it :)

Orders are taking 3-7 days for processing and shipping but we promise it will all be worth the wait. We thank you all for your support and love it means alot to us. We are growing and its just exciting and stressful at the same time. My goal is to be on Oprah! :)and to be a household name!
Thats all for now! I will be back probably tomorrow night and letting you guys know how the market went. Also, I am up all night putting up my Holiday Sets on the website and Artfire!

Til later,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Golden Ticket Contest

Hey Guys,

I hope all is well! Today is a beautiful day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and enjoy it. I have had a few negative stumbling blocks, but all is well because I definately took the high road. So I wanted to do something creative and fun! A cool contest for all our Bubble Babez Supporters. We are running a Golden Ticket Contest from Nov.6-Nov. 26 2010 All winners will be announced on Dec. 6,2010

There are quite a few ways to win and wonderful swag from my fabulous sponsors!

Ok the first way to win is to purchase $50 or more in products from and note at checkout in the comment box "Golden Ticket Contest" to be eligible for the contest.

  • 5 Golden Tickets will be randomly given out and there will be 1 lucky grand prize winner.

  • If you didnt win a Golden Ticket, we will still be giving away a Holiday gift set the best personality from vids submitted.

  • Must submit unboxing vids or pictorials by Dec. 4, 2010

Other Ways to Win:


4 Golden Tickets winners will receive $25 spending at Bubble Babez and a prize from each of our sponsors.

1 Golden Ticket winner will recieve $50 spending at Bubble Babez, a prize from each of our sponsors, and a train case with a Bubble Babez holiday gift set.

Referrals, Facebook and Twitter will be a Bubble Babez Holiday gift set and maybe some more goodies. All winners will be announced on Dec. 6, 2010. Referral winner will be announced Nov. 27 live on Youtube.

Sponsors (Alphabetical Order):
-Bitchface Cosmetics
-Bubu Chulo (XtraOrdinaire Fashion Jewelry)
-Candles by Victoria
-Diamond Dejior
-Glam Rock Cosmetics
-Jenta 2 Be
-One Dollar Eyelashes
Get 10% off now until Dec.31 by using code Nikkie20Six
-Still Glamorus Cosmetics
-Wet Paint Cosmetics
-Xplicit Cosmetics

Good Luck Guys! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

10,000 subbies, My Global Style, Birthday, Contest, and Updates

Hey Guys,
I am feeling so good about the future. I have some good news to share with you all. Lets start off by saying I have reached my 10,000 subbie mark! If you follow me on Youtube then you know when I first started I said that was my goal and I hit it. So now its time to exceed it by another 10,000 then another lol.

We have been featured on 'My Global Style' an internet blog for on the rise entreprneurs and designers. We are super excited about growth and sharing our products with the world! You can read the article here:
Thank you Sharon for writing such a wonderful article and also to my girl lovekisses99 for putting in a good word for us! (Love ya mama)

We are putting together a great big contest for you guys. It is going to be called The Golden Ticket contest and we will randomly select 5 customers to win a Golden Ticket. I am still looking for sponsors, because I want the prize packages to be huge! Tristan and I both have birthdays in October and we want to give you the gifts! :)
Each winner will have a $50 gift certificate from Bubble Babez Bath Co. and also prizes from our wonderful sponsors:

Thank to my very special friends for jumping on board before you even knew what the contest was about just saying yes because you love me. Bubu(XtraOrdinaire Fashion Jewelry), Faby (Xplicit Cosmetics), Oneka (Diamond Dejior), Lyllie (Wet Paint), Kasey (Still Glamorus Cosmetics). Also a great big thanks to new friends Jocelyn & Geraldine (Bitchface Cosmetics), Victoria (Candles by Victoria) and Glam Rock Cosmetics.

I know I have a lot of makeup sponsors but makeup becomes an addiction lol. So this is the perfect little sampler to get ya hooked lol. I wanted the prize packages to be well rounded I will still be adding more goodies to the pot. I will have an updated list of sponsors as they come in.

There will be plenty of ways to win and I will give you all the details on Friday! :)

Our Christmas Collection will be out shortly! Really good things to look out for. We have Connie's Sno Balls that are bath bombs. She gave me the idea to do ice cream flavored bath bombs and I am going to incorporate Christmas with it. My bath bombs are different from many that I have seen on the market. I do not plan on skimping on any ingredients this is the formula that I am sticking with. Our bath bombs are 4 in 1 treat for your body:

  • Bubble Bath
  • Detoxifing Salts Soak
  • Completely Moisture Rich
  • Luxury Yogurt Milk Bath
The Sno Balls are not yet available on the site, but will be up by next week. If you are longing to try one of our bath bombs you can try out our bath cupcakes or mini cupcakes.

A few collections that will be added just in time for the holidays are:
Alondra's Sensual Seduction Set- I will be adding the soap and lotion bar to the bath cupcake. I made the soap and it was supposed to be out a while ago but I didnt like the design I created! So back to the drawing board, I am recreating it for the holidays!

The Barbie Boy Collection- Pink fluffy bubble gum is the fragrance! The Bubble Yum Fun soap is now retired and brought back to life by my booski Dollface Barbie! This will be a limited collection and will feature the label that he designed just for his set.

I am so long winded lol. I think I am done I am off to bathe Gianni and get him ready for his doctors appt. Please check back on our blog weekly for the updates.

Love yall

P.S. Special love and thanks to Alondra and Dana! You guys are the best and keep me on my toes!