Monday, September 27, 2010

Keepin' up!

Hey Guys,
I so suck with keeping up with my blog posts. I know I said last time that I have to do better and I haven't blogged in a few weeks. So since the last blog lots of things has happened. My nephew is 5 months old today and just as precious as he wants to be lol.

I have been saying for quite a while that I want to get the organic/vegan friendly line going and I am off to a good start. All summer-long Tristan has been requesting a facial soap for oily skin that would be cooling and refreshing to her skin. I have tried a couple of attempts and was unsuccessful. While the soap was good, it just didn't have the effect that she was looking for. I am happy to say that I have FINALLY perfected the recipe! YAY Tristan loves the soap! I have tried the soap myself and although it was created to control oily skin (I have pretty dry skin) I used the soap and it did not dry my skin out at all. My skin oddly still felt moisturized without moisturizer! This shea butter soap is vegan friendly and would be a great addition to your makeup routine, to help combat oily skin. It also keeps your skin cool and refreshed while your applying your makeup, avoiding the hot sweating process that ruins your makeup application lol.

The soap will be on the site definately this week.

We also have a huge collection coming up that I am super excited about as well as a contest to go with it. I think it will be something in it for everyone and it will be just in time for the holidays. Great stocking stuffers and unique gift ideas!!!

We are also venturing off and broadening our horizons by doing Craft Fairs and Shows, we will also be opening up a lil Etsy shop. I will keep you updated on here, Youtube and Twitter. I have so much more to tell you but Gianni is getting very cranky and does not want to sit at the computer anymore lol.

So til next time, Have a Bubbly Day
Nikkie & Gianni