Sunday, November 7, 2010

Golden Ticket Contest

Hey Guys,

I hope all is well! Today is a beautiful day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and enjoy it. I have had a few negative stumbling blocks, but all is well because I definately took the high road. So I wanted to do something creative and fun! A cool contest for all our Bubble Babez Supporters. We are running a Golden Ticket Contest from Nov.6-Nov. 26 2010 All winners will be announced on Dec. 6,2010

There are quite a few ways to win and wonderful swag from my fabulous sponsors!

Ok the first way to win is to purchase $50 or more in products from and note at checkout in the comment box "Golden Ticket Contest" to be eligible for the contest.

  • 5 Golden Tickets will be randomly given out and there will be 1 lucky grand prize winner.

  • If you didnt win a Golden Ticket, we will still be giving away a Holiday gift set the best personality from vids submitted.

  • Must submit unboxing vids or pictorials by Dec. 4, 2010

Other Ways to Win:


4 Golden Tickets winners will receive $25 spending at Bubble Babez and a prize from each of our sponsors.

1 Golden Ticket winner will recieve $50 spending at Bubble Babez, a prize from each of our sponsors, and a train case with a Bubble Babez holiday gift set.

Referrals, Facebook and Twitter will be a Bubble Babez Holiday gift set and maybe some more goodies. All winners will be announced on Dec. 6, 2010. Referral winner will be announced Nov. 27 live on Youtube.

Sponsors (Alphabetical Order):
-Bitchface Cosmetics
-Bubu Chulo (XtraOrdinaire Fashion Jewelry)
-Candles by Victoria
-Diamond Dejior
-Glam Rock Cosmetics
-Jenta 2 Be
-One Dollar Eyelashes
Get 10% off now until Dec.31 by using code Nikkie20Six
-Still Glamorus Cosmetics
-Wet Paint Cosmetics
-Xplicit Cosmetics

Good Luck Guys! :)

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