Sunday, March 13, 2011


Everytime I say I am going to keep up with the blog, life gets in the way and I just forget. Well I wanted to apologize for that. Also, I want to address the topic about winning prizes. I think that should be in another post. As a matter of fact I am going to address it now this will just be a longer post lol.

If you won a prize from Bubble Babez via Twitter,YT, FB or Blog. It takes 2-4 weeks to ship out the prizes, if we are busy due to holiday or a sale then it may take up to 4-6 weeks. All items are handmade and made in small batches to ensure freshness. We have had a few situations where we were blasted on Twitter for not sending out prizes as swiftly as they thought the prizes should have been sent out. So because of that we are no longer offering contests on Twitter. We do apologize to all of our followers.

On another note, good things are happening and starting for us. Lets start off with our new website, I am so excited about the new site. With the old site when the site had a lot of traffic, it would give error messages. So we went with a bigger company and hopefully fingers crossed it will be better.

I have been working for almost 2 weeks trying to get the site up. I hope you guys like it! We have so many new products for you to try. We have quite a few new soaps that I love. My favorite product at this moment is the Whipped Body Mousse & Escandalo soap. The Whipped Body Mousse melts in your hands right before your eyes. All natural, no preservatives or chemicals! I use it directly out of the shower while my skin is still wet and it blends in so well. You would think since your skin is wet and applying body creme it would just move around on your wet skin or leave you a white film on your skin but it doesnt. I am very proud of this product and I cant say enough about it. I do have to warn people that do not like "greasy" products at first when you apply it, it is a little greasy. But it absorbs into your skin within minutes and it leaves your skin feeling baby soft and moisturized all day! My favorite scent at this moment is La Juicy by Dana LaJeunesse it smells like Vanilla frosting.

Ok so Escandalo when I recieved the Fragrance Oil, I was smelling the bottle like OMG this smells amazing! It smelled familiar but I couldnt quite place it. When I soaped with it I was like "O my this is so freaking good" lol. I had to get me a slice so I keep smelling it. Yes it was my own slice lol I wouldnt sniff the ones to sell that would be gross lol. Not to mention unsanitary lol. I was on Facebook one day and I had to tell my supplier all about this fragrance and how much I loved it. So a fellow soaper Natures Art who is very awesome said she had used it as well and loved it. She then told me what it was the dupe for and then I was like "AHHHHA thats what it is!" LOL. The scent smells like Caress! Thats my old all time favorite soap! When I let Tristan know about it, she was like oh yea but wasnt as excited about it as I was lol. So, while shopping in Walmart, I picked up a bar of Caress and I was like "Look babe, Smell it!" lol and she said which is a compliment to my supplier "O I smell it, it smells good but ours smell BETTER!" lol. I must admit it does lol.

We also added a few new soap cakes for our Bakery Section in The Soap Bar. We are working on building The Candy Section up:

Key Lime Pie

Sugar Cookie Brulee

Peaches & Cream

Last but not least in the bakery section is my oldest sons favorite cake! The Lemon Coconut cake. Smells just like it, very yummy. The top is finished with whipped soap, coconut and glitter!

We also have a tropical soap called A Trip To Paradise. Smells like Pineapple Orchid. It really does remind you of an island getaway.

I also about to venture into making cold process soaps. I wanted to work on that this weekend but I the website took my whole weekend lol. It looks like I could be done by today, so fingers crossed that I will be :)

Love you guys so much,

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