Monday, May 23, 2011

So long ago!

I am so bad with writing the blog. There has been so much going on since March! I can believe its been that long. BTW Gianni is now 1yr old and almost walking and talking lol. We have also had our birthday at Bubble Babez as of May 1st we have been in business for a year. We have not yet celebrated our birthday but we will, it will just be a little late lol our Belated Birthday Party!

Wth we have been up too??
Since spring has sprung its market time, so we have been traveling around and doing quite a few markets. We have also been blessed to be a vendor at David's Bridal so we have been getting things ready for that as well.

I have also made my first batch of Cold Process soap and I will be adding them to our menu soon! I have been converted, after all the research I have done it seemed like it was going to be a piece of cake because in my head I knew what I was doing lol. I had made a video and put it up on YouTube

I am working on a recipe that I think you all will love they are all natural and vegan! Yes I am making the switch lol. I am still learning how to make them in cakes but I definately know how to pipe my soap on the top from all the practice with the bath bomb cupcakes. So be on the look out for them. :)

We have also added new products to our menu, Our new campaign is Happy Hour Bath Cocktails. Our bath cocktails are a blend of bath salts for relaxation and detoxification. It would be great to share with someone or just to soak alone :) Some of them have a whipped cocoa butter frosting that you can allow to dissolve with the bath salts to make a moisturizing soak or you can detach the frosting and use the cocoa butter whip as a lotion bar after the bath.

Our Cocktails are:

For a limited time with any purchase at Bubble Babez you will receive one mini bath salt cocktail.

I hope all is well and I will definitely get better with blogging lol.

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